"When there is no firm ground, the only sensible thing to do is keep on the move." - Lester Bangs

Like a lot of thirtysomethings, I was introduced to Lester Bangs via Cameron Crowe's Oscar-winning film, Almost Famous. Bangs is a rough-around-the-edges rock critic who guides a young protagonist through the do's and don'ts of touring with a rock band. While a lot of Crowe's characters were fictional, Bangs, was not. 

I watched that movie 10 times before I took a look at Bangs' writing. I watched that movie 50 times before I was on the road with artists like Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Linkin Park and most recently, P!nk.

Touring has afforded me the ability to travel the world, to meet some of the best people I know and to do what I love. I hope to never find that firm ground.

Thank you to Cameron Crowe and Lester Bangs for lighting a fire. 

(Photo courtesy of Tim Cruz)